I want to divert my number when we are closed. How do I do this?

If your Norstar system has analogue lines - not ISDN - you will need Call Diversion, which will let you divert your calls to another number. To order contact Business Sales or your BT Local Business team.

If you have ISDN lines on a Norstar Compact Plus Rls 3 or Norstar Modular Plus Rls 3 system, you may be able to call forward or redirect your number. To do this jump to call forwarding or redirect on ISDN lines.

If you already have Call Diversion on your analogue lines, follow these set up instructions:

  1. The service is usually controlled from line 1, so select line 1
  2. Press the * key
  3. Enter one of these codes:

    • 21 to divert all calls
    • 61 to divert calls you don't answer within 15 seconds
    • 67 to divert calls when your number is engaged
  4. Press the * key again
  5. Enter the phone number you want to divert calls to
  6. Press the # key

To switch off Call Diversion

  1. Press the # key
  2. enter the code you used when you switched on Call Diversion (21, 61 or 67)
  3. Press the # key

To use call forward or redirect on ISDN lines:

  1. From the extension you want to forward, press Feature 4
  2. Enter the digit you usually dial to get an outside - usually 9
  3. Enter the number you want to forward your calls to
  4. Press OK or Hold

To cancel, press Feature #4.

If you get an error message, the Allow redirect setting may be set to "No" on your extension settings. Please see your System Administration Guide.


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