8How can I configure the BTV Broadband Module to allow remote access to a device on the network?

There are many ways a device, such as a mail server or camera, can be remotely accessed. The method is usually determined by the device and the facilities on the Broadband line.

To be able to remotely access any device, the public IP address the device uses must be known.

To achieve this, the Broadband line can have a static IP address.

BT Broadband offers two possible options:

  • Single static IP address - The Broadband connection WAN IP address is fixed.
  • Multiple public static IP addresses (either 5 or 13) - These addresses are given to the customer by BT BB and can be used on devices on the Broadband Module LAN/DMZ. The IP address assigned to the WAN is a dynamic address.

See the decision tree guide below to help you configure the Broadband Module to your specification:

pdf logo   Remotely accessing a device on the LAN Decision Tree

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