How do I answer an incoming call not ringing on our BT Versatility phone?

To answer an incoming phone call on a V phone when you can hear it ringing on the two assigned extensions but the operators are both busy use Call Pick-up.

Use Call Pick-up

This feature allows the user to pick up any call ringing at another extension provided both extensions are programmed in the same Group.

These calls include

  • Internal calls
  • External calls
  • DDI calls
  • CLI Routed calls
  • Incoming ringing calls routed to a single extension
  • Auto Attendant calls directed to a single extension

To pick up a call ringing at another Extension in your Group

  • From Idle menu, select Call Pick-Up option on the Display
  • From a Standard telephone the code is 727

External call pick-up

This feature allows the user to pick up any external incoming call ringing at another extension or the Central Bell provided the call is ringing a group.

  • Select External Call Pick-Up - this feature will not work for internal calls.
  • From a standard telephone the code is 726

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