Can I configure my BT Versatility system to answer with different messages?

If you are using the Auto attendant feature or the courtesy feature to answer your caller’s, you can record two different greetings. You can switch between the greetings by using the night service feature.

The attachment below explains the courtesy service feature and the auto attendant feature.

If you are not using these features but require calls that are not answered to be answered by a mailbox (possibly giving the callers an option to leave a message) this can also be done but it would require the use of two mailboxes.

For example:

  • Calls when night service is not enabled (this is called day service) could be programmed to ring group 1, group 1 can have a divert on no reply set to group 1 mailbox. An appropriate day message could be recorded.
  • Calls when night service is enabled could be programmed to ring group 2, group 2 could have a divert set to group 2 mailbox; this mailbox would have an appropriate night service message recorded.

It would be necessary to check both group 1 and 2 mailboxes for messages.

For full details see page 58 of the BT Versatility Owner’s Manual, below:

pdf logo  BT Versatility Owners Manual

You will need Adobe Reader to view PDF documents.

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