How do I change external diverts on my BT Versatility?

To change the number that calls to an extension are diverted to, either an internal number or an external number, the existing divert must first be cancelled.  Do this from the phone that has the divert set.  If it is a divert all calls that is set select the Cancel divert option on the Featurephone display.

A new divert can now be set up.  

  1. On the Featurephone scroll down and select Divert.
  2. Select divert all calls and then enter 9 followed by the number you wish to divert the calls to, e.g. 900317123456.
  3. Select confirm to complete the entry.

For full details see page 22 of the BT Versatility Owner’s Manual, below:

pdf logo   BT Versatility Owners Manual

You will need Adobe Reader to view PDF documents.

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