Is it possible to add external numbers (as well as internal extensions) to the drop down list when using 'Divert All Calls'?

No - adding external numbers to the list of extensions is not a possible.
However it is possible to programme featurephone program keys with the digits so a divert to specific numbers can be activated by the press of a single key.

  • To program the key select the ' Program' key.
  • From the menu options select 'Key programming'.
  • Select the key you wish to use.
  • Select the 'MF digits to line' option and key the codes and number to activate the divert.


  • 792 is the group divert all calls code,
  • 180 is the code for group one,
  • 9 is the line access digit and this is followed by the telephone number.  The divert can then be activated by a single press of the key.

To program a key to activate a divert all calls from group one to external number 01234567891 the following digits would be programmed.

  • 792180901234567892.

All extensions in group one will display the option to 'Cancel group divert'.  The group divert can also be cancelled by a single press of the programmed key.

For a list of all system codes see page 27 of the BT Versatility Owner’s Manual, below:

pdf logo   BT Versatility Owners Manual

You will need Adobe Reader to view PDF documents.

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