Are there charges for calling Advicelines for telephone systems?

When you contact us we’ll ask for your telephone number or Account Number.

Our technical Advicelines for telephone systems can only advise on products covered by your BT maintenance contract, or warranty. The charges set out below are incorporated into your maintenance or sale contract as applicable.

There may be additional charges for advice on some telephone systems:

  1. Where a call to one of our other telephone system Advicelines is longer than 15 minutes, BT reserves the right to raise a charge of £27.50 per 15 minutes* (or part of a 15 minute period). We’ll tell you if you’re likely to be charged and you can end the call before charging starts. Additional calls on the same subject will be treated as an extension to the first call and will not be entitled to the first 15 minutes free.
  2. Off-line investigation time for issues raised may also be chargeable at the same rates.

*All prices mentioned above exclude VAT.


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