How do I programme my DDI numbers to ring specific extensions and ringing groups on my BT Versatility?

DDI/MSN can be directed to:

  • ring a single extension,
  • a group of extensions
  • or the extensions programmed in the incoming ring map

If a DDI number is not programmed to ring anything then by default calls to that number will ring the incoming ring map.

When the DDI/MSN number is programmed, the ringing options available are the same as when programming the incoming ring map

Up to 100 DDI/MSN numbers can be programmed. There are 100 MSN indexes and each DDI/MSN number can be programmed individually against each MSN index.

See page 99 - 100 of the BT Versatility Owner’s Manual, below, for information on programming DDI and MSN numbers to ring single extensions or extension groups.

pdf logo   BT Versatility Owners Manual

This programming can be complex, however, BT do offer a service where systems can be programmed remotely for a nominal fee.  

For more information contact Technical enquiries and ask about the Remote Moves and Changes service via the link below.

You will need Adobe Reader to view PDF documents.

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