Can the BT Versatility system show all calls and not just missed calls?

The Versatility can be programmed to store all calls or unanswered calls, these calls can be viewed on all V8 or V16 Featurephones.

To view the calls on Extension 20 (or first extension) the option "Missed Calls - System" will show at the top of the menu when new calls are stored.  

For all other extensions the menu option "Missed Calls - System" can be found by scrolling through the menu.

(When no new calls are stored all extensions can view previously stored calls by scrolling through the menu for the option "Missed Calls - System".)

To program the CLI Store to store all calls or unanswered calls only

  1. From the Programming Extension, press the PROGRAM Key.
  2. Press the Scroll Down Key until ‘System Programming’ is displayed.
  3. Select ‘System programming’.
  4. Enter the System Programming Password and select ‘System’.
  5. Press the Scroll Down Key until ‘CLI Store’ is displayed.
  6. Select ‘CLI Store’.
  7. Select ‘Store All Calls’ or ‘Store Unanswered Calls’.
  8. Press the Hands-free Key to finish programming.

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