How do I change extension 20 to the port for extension 23 on my BT Versatility?

There is a feature on the BT Versatility called Port Swapping which allows you to swap the extension number and all the features of one extension with the extension number and all the features of another extension.

The port is NOT physically swapped; this is a software function of the system only.

This feature can also be used if an extension interface becomes faulty, you can swap its extension programming to a different extension. Calls for the faulty extension will be routed to the new extension.

To swop ports

  1. From the Programming Extension, press the PROGRAM Key.
  2. Select ‘System programming’.
  3. Enter the System Programming Password and select ‘Extensions’.
  4. Press the Scroll Down Key until ‘Port Swapping’ is displayed.
  5. Select ‘Port swapping’.
  6. Select the first Extension from the Extension list.
  7. Select the second Extension from the Extension list.
  8. Press the Hands-free Key to finish programming.

NB. If you swap the programming extension this happens once the 2nd extension is selected in the programming. Consequently to continue programming you will have to go to the other extension. i.e. the programming feature follows the extension.


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