How do I customise an Auto Attendant greeting on my BT Versatility?

Personalised Auto Attendant messages can be recorded on the system.

To customise the Auto attendant message

  1. From the Programming Extension, press the PROGRAM Key.
  2. Press the Scroll Down Key until ‘System programming’ is displayed.
  3. Select ‘System programming’.
  4. Enter the System Programming Password and select ‘System’.
  5. Select ‘Change greetings’
  6. Select ‘Auto attendant day’ or ‘Auto attendant night’ to record the ‘Day Service’ and ‘Night Service’ greetings respectively.
  7. Select ‘Record greeting’.
  8. When prompted, speak to record the new greeting
  9. Press the Hands-free Key to finish programming.

The greeting is recorded on the handset; however, professional recording agencies should be able to supply equipment that will allow digital recordings to be made from a computer through the handset connection.

BT does not supply this equipment.

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