What PC software can extract call logging information from my BT Versatility?

The software you require on your PC, to capture the data output from the V24 interface on the BT Versatility, is any software that can be configured to capture data from the PC's serial port.

The PC must have an available serial port; no other connection or software drivers are available from us. For PC's without a serial com port, USB to serial port adapters are available commercially.

If your PC has hyperterminal application installed (this can often be found under Start>Programs>Accessories>Communications) a hyperterminal connection can be configured to do this.

It should be configured to connect to the COM port the V24 interface on the BT Versatility connects e.g. COM1 with the speed set to 115200bps, 8 bit, no parity and 1 stop bit. Flow control should be none.

If the data cannot be seen, reprogram the BT Versatility to set the data speed slower, try 9600bps, and configure your hyperterminal session to match this. Also, hyperterminal can store the collected data off screen so check for data by scrolling to view the full screen.

For further details see page 84 of the BT Versatility Owner’s Manual, below:

   BT Versatility Owners Manual

Any other serial data capture software should be set similarly.

There are more sophisticated PC applications available which will manipulate the data from the BT Versatility and produce reports etc.

One such application is BT Versatility Call Accountant. For further details on this service contact Business Sales.

You will need Adobe Reader to view PDF documents.

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