How can I remotely access my voicemail messages on the Versatility?

You can remotely access voicemail messages, even from a mobile phone.

If you have DDI numbering on each extension that has a mailbox, you can ring in via your DDI number and if your voice mailbox is turned on you will be able to access your messages remotely.

When your call has been answered by your mailbox greeting:

  1. Access your voice mail by dialling the code 711
  2. Enter your extension number
    If accessing the system voicemail box dial 0
  3. Enter your voice mail password, then press #
    The default is 1111
  4. Then dial the following numbers to access your messages:

    • Dial 1 - Playback commences at the first message
    • Dial 91 - Change the outgoing greeting
    • Dial 92 - Check the outgoing greeting
    • Dial 93 - Delete the outgoing greeting
    • Dial 0 - Change voicemail password
  5. When playback of messages has commenced:

    • Dial # - Playback is paused
    • Dial 2 - Save this message and move to next message
    • Dial 3 - Erase this message and move to next message
    • Dial 4 - Go back to start of the message
    • Dial 5 - Go back to the previous message
    • Dial 6 - Erase all messages
    • Dial 7 - Go back 10 seconds
    • Dial 8 - Go forward 10 seconds/skip time stamp
    • Dial 9 - Forward the message to another extension

For full details see page 70 of the BT Versatility Owner’s Manual, below:

pdf logo   BT Versatility Owners Manual

You will need Adobe Reader to view PDF documents.

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