How do I divert an incoming call to an outside number?

The divert facility on the Versatility allows calls to be diverted to external numbers in the same way as calls can be diverted to other extensions. Analogue lines must be configured as guarded clear lines on the system to allow external divert, if unsure ask your network provider.

In default, external diversion is restricted for all extensions. This can be changed in system programming. To see more information on External Diversion options click here.

Unless an extension is allowed All calls or External calls only, it cannot set up call diversion to external numbers.

In default, to divert calls externally the system calls the external divert number and connects this with the original call through the system, the original call will occupy one line and the call to the external number will occupy a second line.

Our Select Services Call Divert can also be used to divert calls, this is a network service. For further information on this service contact Business Sales.

For further details see page 86 of the BT Versatility Owner’s Manual, below.

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