Can I see video tutorials on how to use and program BCM?

Thanks to our training partner, ITEL, we offer many free BCM video tutorials. Please select from the list below:

Video Video tutorials: Learn about the features of your BCM

Play Why create mailboxes?

Play Why Create Speed Dials?

Play Why Name Extensions?

Play Why Program Buttons?

Play Why use Call Forwards?

Play Why set Handsfree?

Play Why set Page Zones?

Play Why set Pick Up Groups?

Play Why use Hunt Groups?

Video Video tutorials: How to program your BCM using a PC

Play Accessing CallPilot Manager

Play Accessing Element Manager

Play Connecting to BCM50

Play Connecting to BCM200/400

Play Connecting to BCM450

Play Recording a Mailbox Greeting

Play How to Create a Hunt Group

Play How to Create a Mailbox

Play How to Create Speed Dials

Play How to Name an extension

Play How to Program Buttons

Play How to Program Call Forwards

Play How to Set Handsfree

Play How to Set Page Zones

Play How to Set up Pick Up Groups

Play Initialising a Mailbox

Play Resetting a Mailbox Password

Play Installing Element Manager

If you prefer, we have text explanations of the above in our BCM50, BCM450 and BCM Unified Manager sections.


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