How do I print a list to show which extensions have the voicemail facility set up?

Normally each extension will have it's own associated mailbox but this needn't be the case. Independent mailboxes can be added to the voicemail and in some cases they are shared by more than one user.

You will need to check the voicemail and the Meridian 1 to collate this information. Start by checking the voicemail.

Log into the voicemail and select from the menu:

  1. User Administration
  2. Local Voice User
  3. Press the Find soft key then the List soft key, without having entered any fields.
    Mail will produce a list of all local voice users (mailbox numbers).

Each Meridian extension requires the class of service (CLS) to be set so that message waiting is active and the message waiting lamp or key is activated when new mail arrives. Using LD 81, Features and Station Print, set up the feature list as shown below:

FEAT MWA(ENTER) Message waiting allowed (500 and digital sets)
FEAT MWD Message waiting denied (500 and digital sets)
FEAT MWK Message waiting key (Digital sets)
FEAT LPA Lamp allowed (500 sets)
FEAT LPD Lamp denied (500 sets)

Press enter key until the printout starts

The CLS settings are used in combination to provide the appropriate feature.

For an analogue 500 set you may find you have MWA LPD. New mail messages will be indicated by special dial tone. MWA LPA will light the message waiting lamp if the phone has one fitted.

Digital sets will be MWA and may or may not have a Message waiting key. TNs with MWD would generally indicate that the extension does not have the voicemail facility.

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