How do I remove an Agent from an ACD queue?

It's not a good idea to simply OUT the TN as some agent-supervisor features need to be removed first.

The minimum requirement would be to remove Key 0, the ACD in-calls key, replacing it with an SCR key but if you require all ACD features removed the following gives information on the features that need tidying up.

General Principles for converting an ACD set back to a normal phone.

  1. Check that agent has been de-acquired from Contact Centre if applicable.
  2. Remove the Agent-Supervisor features and ACD key.
  3. Either make changes to the TN or OUT the TN.
  4. Rebuild the TN either by copying or adding as NEW.

The table shows the keys and features that may appear in a print of an ACD Agent or Supervisor TN.

Key Function Agent Feature Supervisor Feature
AAG Answer Agent Key NO YES
ACNT Activity Code Key YES YES
AGT Agent Status Key NO YES
AMG Answer Emergency Call Key NO YES
ASP Supervisor Call Key YES NO
ATW Call Waiting Time Indication Key YES YES
DAG Display ACD Agents Key NO YES
DWC Display Waiting Call Keys YES YES
EMR Emergency Key YES NO
MSB Make Set Busy Key YES YES
NSVC Night Service Key NO YES
NRD Not Ready Key YES YES
OBV Observe Agent Key NO YES
RAG Ring Agent Key NO YES
Other Features
SCR Secondary DN Key YES YES
LHK Last Hunt Key YES YES
SPID Supervisors ID YES NO
Contact Centre Prompts (Symposium)
AACS Special Prompts that appear when an ACD set is acquired by a Contact Centre Server. YES applies to Agent and Supervisor

1. Contact Centre Prompts.
The phone has to be de-acquired before changes can be made. Once de-acquired the Contact Centre prompts will disappear. (Only applies when Call Centre, Symposium is equipped.)

2. Supervisor-Agent keys, when configured, create 'active' connections between the agent and supervisor.

These keys need to removed. These are the ASP, AAG, OBV and RAG keys. Some of the keys will be on a supervisors set. Supervisor-Agent keys are often found on the supervisors add-on key module. Once these key are removed, the SPID value will disappear automatically from a print of the TN

3. The ACD in-calls key needs to be deleted to remove the set from an ACD queue. Using LD 11 the item input is KEY 0 NUL.


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