How do I redirect the calls on my Norstar Modular to another telephone or number?

Line Redirection lets you redirect calls coming in on your external lines to an extension on another telephone system but not to another public telephone number.

To divert your incoming calls to another public telephone number you may be able to use Select Services Call Diversion, please contact BT Sales on 0800400400 to have this service added to your lines.

To use call redirection you must have AC15A private circuits links connecting your telephone system to another telephone system.
You can redirect your incoming exchange line calls over the AC15A private circuits to a extension on the other system.

You may choose to redirect all your external lines or only some of them.

You redirect the lines programmed on a telephone under a line button, once redirected those lines are redirected for the entire system not just on that telephone.
You can only redirect lines that have line buttons programmed on the telephone you are using.

Note the differences between Line Redirection and Call Forward.
The Call Forward feature forwards all calls that arrive at a particular telephone to another telephone within the Norstar system.
Line Redirection redirects only the lines you specify, no matter which telephones they appear on, to a telephone outside the Norstar system. Line Redirection takes precedence over Call Forward.

To redirect your lines:

  1. Enter the Line Redirection code, Feature 84.
  2. Select the line, line pool or intercom to be used for redirected calls. If intercom is selected, enter a line pool code for the AC15A private circuits.
  3. Enter the extension number to which call will be redirected.
  4. Press the line buttons for the lines to be redirected.
  5. Give the system time to finish - If you use the ALL key to redirect all your lines, you must wait until all line indicators, that appear on your telephone, light up before pressing Hold or OK.
    If you press Hold or OK before all the lines light up, those lines not lit will not be redirected.

To cancel Line Redirection:

  1. On the same extension you used to redirect calls, Enter the Cancel Line Redirection code, Feature # 84.
  2. Select the lines for which redirection is to be cancelled.

To set your telephone to ring when a line is redirected:

  1. Place the programming overlay on the telephone (cannot be a M7100/N or M7208/N).
  2. Press Feature **ADMIN. The display reads Password:
  3. Enter the Administration password (default = 23646). The display reads 1. Sys speed dial.
  4. Press Next until the display reads 5. Capabilities.
  5. Press Show. The display reads Dialling filters.
  6. Press Next. The display reads Extn abilities.
  7. Press Show. The display reads Show extn#:
  8. Enter the extension number. The display reads Extn filters.
  9. Press Next until the display reads Redirect ring.
  10. Press Change to toggle the setting.
  11. Press Next to continue in Administration or Rls to exit programming.

When Redirect Ring is turned on, a telephone rings briefly (a 200 millisecond burst) when a call is redirected on one of its lines.

General notes for line redirection:

  • You can answer the telephone if it rings while you are in the middle of programming Line Redirection, but none of the Norstar call handling features are available. If you need to use a feature to process the call, you must quit Line Redirection programming by pressing the Feature key. Do not press Rls or you will disconnect the call you are trying to process.
  • While you are programming Line Redirection, you do not receive any indication of calls that appear but do not ring at your telephone.
  • The system does not check that the number you give for Line Redirection is a valid one. If you redirect to an invalid number, redirection will fail. Using an autodial key to enter the redirection number helps avoid this possibility. An autodial key used for Line Redirection must have a specific line programmed onto it.
  • The system can be set up so that redirected calls give a brief ring on telephones in the Norstar system as they are redirected. These calls cannot be answered within the system until you cancel redirection.
  • The line chosen for redirecting calls on other lines can still be used normally when it is not busy on a redirected call. To avoid redirection failing because the chosen line is in use, choose a line pool with several lines in it.
  • At the time of redirection, if a call cannot be redirected for some reason, then the call is routed to the prime extension for the line.

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