How do I change the Time and Date on a Release 5 CS1000 system?

On systems running software earlier than release X21 5.0 an administrator has privileges to change the date and time using overlay LD 2. With release 5.0 a significant change has been made to this feature.

Only a user with second level privileges can change the system date and time using overlay access. This is to prevent date and time based system attacks. This applies to Element Manager as well.

Overlay LD 2 is denied to all users except those with level 2 privileges.
Changing the time using the console keys is still available as it does not involve network access to make the change.

A console should have keys MDT and MTM to allow changes:

  • MDT Maintain Change/Display Date key
  • MTM Maintain Change/Display Time key

DDT and DTM only allow the date and time to be displayed:

  • DDT Display Date key
  • DTM Display Time key

Only trained system administrators can make these changes:
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