How can I make a DN key ring to indicate an incoming call?

Pre software release 24, which does allow a ring to be set, telephones set up as ACD extensions only gave a bleep to indicate an incoming DN call. Telephone sets which use a headset also use the bleep indication.

It is possible, however to allow the incoming call to bleep regularly, imitating a ring. If an extension has a CLS (class or service) of FITD then change it to FITA and the feature will be set.

If however it has neither FITD or FITA then a change will be required in the CDB (customer data block), in order to achieve this function. The CDB can be printed in LD 21 and changed in LD 15, under the FTR, feature section, the OPT (options) should have DBD changed to DBA, this will then allow the FITA prompt to be programmed onto any digital extension.

Use these settings:

LD 15
Type  FTR
Cust  0
Press enter until
Press enter until

The feature is now in operation and it will be possible to make a CHG (change) to the extension in the usual way adding CLS FITA.

Only trained system administrators can make these changes:
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