How can I list which telephones have certain features allocated to them?

LD 81: Features and Station Print supplies a list of every TN on the switch with a particular feature.

Individual features are chosen from the list of mnemonics shown in LD 81.

There are several hundred codes and you will need to refer to the alphabetical list of prompts in the Input/Output guide.

Follow these steps to Identify the prompt for the feature you want to list:

  1. Go to CS1000 User Guides & Manuals.
  2. Select System User Guides.
  3. Click on the Software Input Output Reference Administration guide.
  4. From the contents page select LD 81.
  5. Identify the prompt for the feature you want to list.

Using LD 81

DES  (C/R)
FEAT  Enter the feature required

The next prompt will either be FEAT again in which case (C/R). The list will start printing.

There may be a further question based upon the feature requested.

For example, if NCOS has been entered, NCOS will be displayed again. This is asking which NCOS do you wish to print. Either enter an NCOS number or (C/R) to print all NCOS/TN associations.

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