How do I change the time it takes for calls to forward to voice mail or another extension?


The Call Forward No Answer feature allows an unanswered call for an extension to automatically forward to an alternative extension. The number of ringing cycles, before this occurs, can be set on a system wide basis.

Earlier versions of software, systems up to Release 18, only allowed one choice for the normal setting and one for the distinctive ringing setting.

Later versions of software, Release 20 and later, allow more flexibility.

Three independent settings for each of the normal and distinctive ringing cycles can be programmed. Each extension can be programmed with one of the three settings using the RCO prompt.

The ringing cycle time is based on the duration of one internal ring. It is the sound of the bell ringing on the telephone, not the duration of the ringing tone you hear when calling the extension. This is 5-6 seconds long. It consists of 2 seconds of ringing and 4 seconds of silence, then it repeats.

Printing the current settings:

  • The current settings can be printed by using LD 21. Print out the Customer Data Block (CDB) or RDR_Data block for later versions of software. (Release 20 or later.)

Checking the current Settings. Meridian 1 Up to Release 18:

  • Check the prompts CFNA and DFNA. The value will be in the range 1-15.
  • These are the only settings that can be changed.

Checking the current Settings. Meridian 1 Release 20 and later:

  • The RCO prompt for the extensions is only available on machines with Release 20 or later. This allows more flexibility in the settings.
  • There are six prompts that define the number of ringing cycles:

    CFN0, CFN1 and CFN2 are the normal ringing cycle settings

    DFN0, DFN1 and DFN2 are used for distinctive ringing.

To change the setting on systems prior to Release 20:

LD 15
Type  CDB
Cust  0
Press Enter until
Enter the new value for the number of normal ringing cycles.
Enter the new value for the number of distinctive ringing cycles if required.
Press Enter key until you see the REQ prompt again.

To change the settings on release 20 and later:

Type  RDR (CDB Release 20 only)
Cust  0
Press Enter until the timer prompts are reached
CFN0  Amend the settings to your requirement.
Press Enter key until you see the REQ prompt again.


  • Most of your extensions will be using the CFN0 setting and you will find that extensions will have a RCO setting of 0.
  • If you create a new extension the RCO prompt defaults to 0.
  • RCO 1 refers to either CFN1 or DFN1.
  • RCO 2 refers to CFN2 or DFN2.
  • The extensions can be set for either normal or distinctive ringing. The majority will be normal ringing.
  • Set each extension to the required value of RCO in LD 10 or LD 11.
  • If you are making these changes using MAT:

    1. The change is made via Station Administration.
    2. Select the extension and modify the RCO value via Features.
    3. Select the RCO No Answer Ring Cycle Index in the features list.

Only trained system administrators can make these changes:
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