How do I set the display on my Meridian digital extension to work?

The Class of Service (CLS) relating to the display feature on an extension can be one of the following:

  • Automatic Digit Display (ADD) - incoming calls will display on arrival providing that the extension is not an ACD set.
  • Delay Digit Display (DDD) - incoming calls will not display until the call is answered.
  • No Digit Display (NDD) - the set is programmed for no display, usually set if the telephone is a 2006, 2008 or 2616 without a display, in this circumstance Key 7 can be used as a standard key as it will not be required for the display programming options.
  • Tandem Digit Display (TDD) - this allows an incoming call to display even if the set is programmed as an ACD agent.

Selecting Key 7 on a set with the display allowed gives the extension user the opportunity to customise the display and sound levels of their telephone.

Features include:

  • Format of the time and date.
  • Language selection.
  • Ring volume settings.

Please see, What programming options are available regarding information displayed upon my Meridian digital telephone? for various display options on a digital extension.

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