How do I add an entry to, or delete an entry from, a hunt group?

In order to add or remove an extension number from a group hunt list you need to know the list number (LSNO) and the store entry number (STOR) within the list. You will need to use this procedure if you get an SCH8825 message when changing a TN.

You can get this information by printing the Group Hunt Lists in overlay LD 20. In the print out you may see LSNO and GHLN. They are the same thing. LSNO means List Number and GHLN is Group Hunt List Number.

The changes are made in LD 20.



LSNO (c/r for all the lists or enter the list no)
Check the print out to obtain the correct information.

The changes are made in LD 18.



LSNO (enter the list number which requires changing. This is the same as GHLN from the above print out)

SIZE (c/r)

WRT  (c/r)

STOR enter the store number concerned then space then the extension (DN) number

STOR XX YYYY for example

WRT (c/r) Yes to update the list.

To remove an entry at the STOR prompt

STOR enter the store number, space(c/r)

STOR XX space bar

WRT (c/r)

Carriage return through to the REQ prompt.

For further information please see, Is it possible to remove a Pilot number from a Hunt Group?

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