How do you automatically prefix a dialled number?

There are several ways of achieving this.  Perhaps the easiest way is to set up a distant steering code, for numbers in the required range. First investigate which route out you wish to send these calls over and create a digit manipulation index (DMI) to insert the digits your require and point the calls at the correct route, a distant steering code can then be created to use this set up.

1. Start in overlay 86 and create a digit manipulation table as follows:

LD 86
REQ  new
FEAT  dgt
DMI  48 (for the instance you quote)
DEL  0
INST  0123456
CTYP  (c/r)

2. In the same overlay create a RLB (route list block) for these calls.

REQ  new
FEAT  rlb
RLI  (enter a number not already used as an RLI, if you do not know which numbers are in use then in this overlay print out all RLB's, you can note all used RLI's and choose a free number)
LTER  (c/r)
ROUT  (enter the route number you wish the calls to dial over)
(c/r) carriage return to
DMI  48 (in this case)
(c/r) through to the REQ prompt. 

3. It is now possible to create the distant steering code in overlay 87.

LD 87
REQ  new
FEAT  cdp
TYPE  dsc
DSC  48
(c/r) through to
RLI  (insert the RLI created earlier)
(c/r) through to the REQ prompt.

All calls to designated number will now route out over the public network inserting the whole dialling code.

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