How do I remove an entry from the Incoming Digit Conversion (IDC) table?

If a number is entered in the IDC table and converted to deliver to an alternative number but you now wish the DDI number to terminate on an extension with a DN matching the DDI then you may either change the table and make an entry to the DDI number which exactly matches itself or you may remove the entry from the table completely.

If for example you have the number 2468 being delivered to an incoming route and that route uses IDC table 1, and at present 2468 converts to 3579 but you now want the calls to deliver to extension 2468, then the entry below should resolve this:

Using LD 49

REQ  Chg
IDGT  2468  (at this point you may either enter 2468, to convert the entry to itself, or an entry of X will remove this number from the table).

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