How do I change the ACD call flow?

I want to change the call flow in an ACD queue as follows:

  • When agents are logged in and available, they take the call.
  • When the agents are logged in and busy, I want the caller to get busy tone.
  • When all agents log out, I want incoming calls to the queue to be routed to the night call forward number.

In order to achieve this the call will first need to route via a Control Directory Number (CDN). This is a type of ACD queue. It allows a ceiling to be set which once reached returns busy tone to the caller. If the real ACD queue is in night service, the CDN routes the calls to the night answering point of the ACD queue. CDNs can have RAN's and music on hold just like the normal queues. They are programmed in LD 23 exactly the same as an ACD.

The significant prompts are:

  • DFDN (which is the ACD queue number the CDN delivers the calls to)
  • CEIL which sets the limit of calls.

It will be necessary to change either the ACD queue DN (as the CDN will require that number in order to receive the incoming call) or if prefered adding a digit conversion to redirect the call through the CDN.

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