How do I change the Directory Number (DN) of a telephone extension?

The DN of a phone can be changed leaving all other attributes the same.

Use LD 10 for 500 sets, LD 11 for digital phones or Station Admin

If you use overlay access, make an easy change (ECHG is YES).

On a 500 set the item is DN xxxx where xxxx is the new DN.

For digital sets the item is KEY 0 SCR xxxx 0.

Station Admin. Update the DN and transmit the change.

Some points to watch out for:

  1. If you are swapping over two numbers, at some point, the number will be shared by both sets. This doesn't matter ,as at the next step of renumbering the other phone, the DNS will be separated.
  2. Check that the MARP is on the correct TN if the DN has a multiple appearance.
  3. A common cause of failure is SCH8825. The DN will be associated with a Group Hunt List. It must be removed before the DN change can be made. Use overlay LD 18 or the List Manager.

Only trained system administrators can make these changes:
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