How do I trace live calls on the Meridian via the TTY?

LD 80 provides a valuable trace facility which gives a snapshot of call activity on the system.

The following commands can be used to monitor and trace calls:

LD 80:

  • trac 0 xxxx (where xxxx is a DN) - this will give information on any call present on the DN or indicate idle. It is possible to enter the ACOD of a route as a DN and this will result in an indication of the condition either idle or busy of every trunk member of the route.
  • trad l ch (where l is the loop and ch is the channel of a particular digital trunk member) - this is useful when after tracing an ACOD of a digital route, ISDN, DPNSS or similar, you may then trace any of the channels marked busy to check their call status.
  • trak x x (where x x is a TN on an Option 11 Meridian) - this will give details of any calls on the TN and if it is a digital set, the status of every key.
  • trac xx x xx xx (where xx x xx xx is a TN on a Meridian 21 and above) - this gives the same information as the command above.
  • trat 0 x (where x is the attendant number of a switchboard on the Meridian - if only one switchboard is on site then this will be 1) - this will show the status of all loops on the switchboard and details of any calls present on them.

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