How can I list any disabled TN's/DNs on the Meridian system?

You will need access to either overlay 30 or 32, in order to perform this search.

Overlay 30 is the easiest way to check for disabled TN's; however this may only be used for Option 11 Meridians:

LD 30

test (then press enter) there will be a time delay whilst the Meridian checks for disabled units then these units will be listed in the following format:
NWS401 9 :-8-12-15

The above information indicates that card 9 has 3 disabled ports these are TN's 9 8, 9 12 and 9 15

If you do not have access to LD 30 or have a larger Meridian then follow the steps below:

For an Option 11:

LD 32

.LDIS m (List TNs of all disabled units in specified module (the module being one of the cabinets of your Option 11, enter 1 to receive information on the first cabinet then 2 etc)).

For the larger Meridian systems:

LD 32

.LDIS L S (Where L is the loop number and S is the shelf number) List TNs of all disabled units on the specified shelf.

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