A dummy ACD queue doesn't have any agents. Its purpose is to forward calls to another ACD queue. Its main use is to direct calls to specific voice services on Meridian Mail. Each mail service, for example an announcement or voice menu, has a dummy ACD queue forwarding calls to the main voicemail ACD queue. The dummy ACD queue DN will appear in the VSDN list. But it is possible to use a dummy ACD queue in other situations. The same principle applies. Calls will be forwarded using the NCFW prompt.

If you look at the definition of NCFW you will see it can be a DN up to 31 digits in length and it isn't restricted to being an ACD queue. It is used to forward calls from an ACD queue to another destination which can be an external number. Now that property makes it very useful for forwarding calls in general. Some forwarding features on the Meridian define the type of DN that can be used. For example a hunt group pilot DN may not be allowed in some circumstances but an ACD queue DN is acceptable. So if you are using a feature with this type of restriction you first forward to the dummy ACD queue which then forwards to the hunt group pilot DN.

The sequence to build a dummy ACD queue is:

  1. Find a spare DN to use as the ACDN.
  2. Make a note of the forwarding destination digits.
  3. Include any access code if you are routing calls over the public or internal network.
  4. Use overlay LD 23.
  5. Only the following prompts need data entering. The remainder can be left at default using the carriage return key.

    CUST 0
    ACDN (Enter your ACD DN here.)
    MAXP 1 (Although the queue hasn't any agents, MAXP must be set to 1.)
    NCFW (Enter your destination DN)

The NCFW entry required, for example to route a call to 01234xxxxxx, would be 901234xxxxxx where 9 is the AC1 access code.

(Your switch will need to have the basic ACD software packages installed to make use of this feature.)

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