How do I change the access restriction using Station Admin?

The NCOS value is used in conjunction with the class of service setting (CLS) of either TLD or CTD.

Unless this CLS access restriction is set to one of these values, changing the NCOS value will have no effect.

To set the correct combination using Station Admin:

Click on the extension concerned.
Click on the Features button.
This will open up a window.
The next step depends on which option button you have checked, Features (1) or Feature Groups (2):

(1) Features: Scroll down the list and select CLS Trunk/Call Access Restriction. Click on this to open the window.

(2) Feature Group: Scroll down the list and select Network Access. Click on this to open the window.

Whatever option you have chosen opens the Network Access window.

The CLS and NCOS settings can be modified within this window:

Select CLS and use the scroll down list to select TLD.
The NCOS value can be typed into the field below CLS.
Transmit the change to the switch.


Access restrictions are set to one of the following CLS values:

UNR Unrestricted
CTD Conditionally Toll Denied
TLD Toll Denied
SRE Semi-restricted
FRE Fully restricted
FR1 Fully restricted 1
FR2 Fully restricted 2

A full description of each of these settings can be found in the User Guides & Manuals, System, Feature and Services Guide Book 1of 6. (See Access Restrictions).

Only trained system administrators can make these changes:
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