What do I do when all extensions cannot make or receive calls?

Is the system operational?

If there has been a catastrophic failure of the system such as a complete loss of mains supply, consoles, systemphones and most analogue instruments will be unoperational.

  • Depending on the configuration of the system, certain analogue trunks on the system may be connected to 'dropback' positions - you may be able to make and receive calls on these telephones; to make an outgoing call obtain dial tone from the main exchange by pressing the 'R' (recall button) and dialling as normal, there will be no need to key '9'. Internal communications between extensions will not be possible, and digital links (ISDN30 & Megastream) links will not operate.
  • Check the mains supply to the system and arrange for the restoration of service if necessary, charges could be possible if the problem is proven to non BT causes.
  • If the problem persists, report it as a fault for further diagnostics.

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