How do I install Element Manager on my PC?

Element Manager can be installed on your PC from the Business Communications Manager CD or installed directly from the BCM 50.

See How do I use Element Manager to change the BCM programming? for further information on opening and logging into Element Manager.

To install from the BCM 50 CD:

  1. Insert the CD in your CD-ROM drive
  2. If it does not auto load, open the CD and open the Start.pdf file
  3. At the bottom of the right hand menu click Install Software
  4. Click the BCM 50 Element manager link and follow the instructions from step 9 below

To install Element Manager directly from the BCM 50 follow the instructions below:

  1. Point your web browser at the BCM 50 IP address ( if the PC is plugged into the OAM port on the BCM 50, or http://<BCM 50 LAN ip address> if the BCM is on your LAN
  2. Select YES on the Security Alert
  3. Enter the user name (default = nnadmin) and password (default = PlsChgMe!)
  4. Click on Administer Applications
  5. Click on BCM50 Element Manager
  6. Click on Download Element manager
  7. Select Run to start the download process
  8. If you see a Security warning, click yes 
  9. Follow the prompts to install Element Manager, until you reach the Choose Shortcut Folder screen
  10. When you reach the Choose Shortcut Folder screen, it is recommended that you leave the default setting of Other and click Next
  11. Follow the rest of the prompts to install Element manager

Note: BCM Monitor will also be installed if it is not detected on your PC.

If you have a BCM50/450 Release 6 you can run Element Manager from the Application Launcher.
Browse to the system's ip address, select BCM, Business Element Manager and then click on run.


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