Can I move telephones to different sockets and keep the same settings?

Yes, by using the Set Relocation.

When activated this allows you to move any digital telephone to a new location without losing the directory number, autodial settings, personal speed dial codes, and any programming for that telephone.

Note - When Set relocation is activated the Business Communications Manager detects when you unplug a telephone and gives all that telephones settings to the first telephone you plug back in, if you are moving several telephones around at the same time we suggest swapping them 2 at a time so there is no confusion as to which set was unplugged first.

To activate Set relocation:

  1. Open Business Communications Manager click on Configure
  2. Log in to Unified Manager
  3. Click and open Services
  4. Click and open Telephony Services
  5. Click and open General Setting
  6. Click and highlight Feature Settings
  7. Click on the set relocation setting and change to Y or N.

If you deactivate Set relocation and move a telephone, the internal number and programming data remain with the physical extension port on Business Communications Manager. When you connect the telephone somewhere else, it does not receive the original programming.

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