Why do I get a Mailbox locked message (BCM 2.0 only)?

This question and answer refers to the BCM System Version 2.0 only.

Your mailbox password has been entered incorrectly the maximum amount of times or has expired and not been changed.

The default setting is 3 times but will depend on the settings for the Class of Service your mailbox has been given.

All your mailbox administration is completed from the Mailbox Manager application installed on one of your PC's. The PC would either be connected directly to your BCM or via your local network.

  1. Open the Mailbox Manager application on the PC that is connected to your BCM.
  2. On the pull down menu click on MAILBOX - Change/Delete, highlight the mailbox you want to reset and click CHANGE.
  3. Click in the Reset Password to Default box and click OK.
  4. The password has now been reset to 0000 (four zero's).

The above settings would normally be changed by your system administrator.


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