How do I change the Extension Names?

Extension names can contain both letters and numbers, but cannot be longer than seven characters. The # and * symbols cannot be used in names.

The system allows you to assign the same name to both lines and extensions in your system. To avoid confusion, do not assign the same name to two extension’s, or to both an extension and a line in your system. Use creative combinations of initials, abbreviations or even nicknames, to give each extension a unique name.

To change or edit an Extension name:

  1. Open Business Communications Manager click on Configure
  2. Log in to Unified Manager
  3. Click and open Services
  4. Click and open Telephony Services
  5. Click and open System DN's (Terminals & Sets on BCM version 2.0 to 2.3 then go to step 7)
  6. Click and open Active DN's
  7. Click on the Extension number and open the selections
  8. Click and highlight General
  9. The extension name will appear, click in the Name box to add or amend the name

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