How do I set up and use Call Pickup groups?

The Call Pickup feature allows you to pick up calls that are ringing at another telephone.

Calls which are ringing on another extension can be picked up by pressing Feature 75 or a pre programmed Group pickup button, provided the ringing extension is in the same Pickup group as the one trying to answer the call.

To pick up a call using an analogue or a cordless telephone the Recall & * buttons would be used instead of the Feature button i.e. R*75

Note. The recall setting on the phone would need to be set to TBR (timed break recall) this is usually the default. Please refer to your telephone user guide for further information.

Call Pickup Group

The BCM provides nine Pickup groups. If your telephone is a member of a Pickup group, you can pick up a call that is ringing at any telephone within your Pickup group.

Assigning a telephone to a Pickup group:

  1. Open Business Communications Manager, click on Configure.
  2. Log in to Unified Manager
  3. Click and open Services
  4. Click and open Telephony Services
  5. Click and open System DN's (Terminals & Sets on BCM version 2.0 to 2.3 go to step 7). 
  6. Click and open Active DN's
  7. Click on the Extension number and open the selections. 
  8. Click and highlight Capabilities
  9. Use the drop down menu selections to assign the pick group to the extension.

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