How do I set up an Auto Attendant within CallPilot Manager on a BCM system?

The Auto Attendant can answer your company's incoming telephone calls from an external user.

The Auto Attendant plays a prerecorded greeting selected from the Greeting Table, according to the time of day.

You can record and assign different greetings to the Greeting Table. The Greeting Table parameters control the Auto Attendant. Greeting Table parameters include custom prompts, and whether outside callers hear the Auto Attendant menu or a Custom Call Routing menu. You can specify which greetings play for particular calls. For example, you can program the system so that callers hear one greeting when they call the sales number, and a different greeting when they call the customer support number.

The Auto Attendant Menu offers callers a range of options that they can select using the dialpad of their telephone.

To programme Auto Attendant, please see page 63 of the guide below or use the bookmarks at the side of the page for Auto Attendant:

pdf logo  CallPilot Manager Set up and Operation Guide

You will need Adobe Reader to view PDF documents.


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