How do I open Element Manager so I can make programming changes to my BCM system?

To open Element Manager to check or change programming on your BCM50 system:-

  1. Click the Windows Start icon at the bottom left of your screen
  2. Select Programs/Nortel/BCM50 or Programs/Avaya/BCM50
  3. Click on BCM50 Element Manger.. Element manager should now open
  4. On the top toolbar, click on Network. Then click on New Network Element and Business Communication Manager
  5. You should now see the Business Communication Manager Entry login window
  6. Enter the following:-

    Your BCM50s IP address (Default =
    User ID (Default = nnadmin)
    Password (Default = PlsChgMe!)
    Click OK
  7. If your connection to the BCM50 is successful you will see the screen below and the network connection will be saved in Element Manager for future use. If you do not get a connection check the IP address, User ID and passwords are correct.
  8. Click Connect to open element manager
  9. A warning screen will appear, read the warning and click OK
  10. You should now see the Task Navigation Panel with the Configure and Admin tabs.
    Clicking on the symbols in the navigation panel will extend each of the different elements. Clicking on the blue dots will show that elements settings in the right hand window.

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