How do I program or make changes to my Direct Dialling In (DDI) Numbers?

There are several steps involved to program a direct Dial number (DDI) to ring at an extension:

  1. The Target Line used for the DDI number (lines 241 to 412) has to have the last few digits of the DDI number entered in the "Received Number/Public" Number box. This would usually be the last 6 digits but depends on the what the Public length setting is.

    This setting can be found in: - Services/General Settings/DN lengths/Received# length/Public length.

  2. The Target Line associated with the DDI number has to be programmed to ring on the DN you want the telephone number to ring on, the line can also be set to have one or more appearances (line buttons), these buttons are incoming only.

    BCM 2.0 systems only
    These settings can be found in: - Services/Terminals & sets/[DN number]/Line access/line assignment.

    BCM 2.5 to 3.7 systems only
    These settings can be found in:- Services/Telephony services/Active set DNs/[DN number]/Line access/line assignment.

  3. Callers to the DDI number will hear engaged tone if there is a current call on the number providing the Target line is only programmed to ring on one DN number and, a) "If busy" is set to busy, b) "Prime set" = None.

    These settings can be found in:- Services/Lines/Target lines/[Line number]/Trunk/ line data.

  4. If the "If busy" box = "To prime" and the "Prime set" box has a DN number entered the call will also ring that DN number after the amount of rings entered in the "Delayed ring transfer" box, (default = 4 rings).

    This setting can be found in:- Services/Telephony Services/General Settings/Feature settings.

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