Itemisation of GPRS by date and time has no direct relevance to when the data was actually used- hence the reason why we do not include itemisation on the bills for GPRS.

  • With a call, you are billed at the time it was made and billed by duration.
  • With a text we bill at the time it was sent.
  • With GPRS, a browser can remain open for several hours/days/weeks if customer does not close it down and each web site has a different download file size.
  • Data usage it is not billed by duration but kb file size. 
  • If you have a GPRS “ event” or “ billing line” at 02:31am - it does not mean you were using the internet at that time in the morning. It could be your auto email settings creating a billing line or an open web browser.  

International Roaming

You may see GPRS charges for the same time each day that you are abroad. This is the anti-virus check to the network but should only use approx 12k to check for updates and viruses.

  • This is for your own safety similar to McAfee Net Protect scan on BT Broadband.
  • International roaming charges for GPRS will also be raised if you have email settings on auto.

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