What does Data being Push to the device mean?

Smartphone devices typically come with social network and news feeds ready for you to set up. When new content is available it's pushed to your device so you're constantly kept up to date.  

Below is a table showing the default polling intervals of these feeds:

Application Polling Interval
Gmail Push
Mail 15 mins
Peep (Twitter) 1 hour
Stocks 1 hour
Weather 3 hours
Facebook 1 hour

Below shows that data usage can vary massively depending on how each application is set up and how many e-mails / feeds you receive

The below gives some real world examples of data consumption:

Services used Data used
Phone start up and sync with all services 1.52 MB
Hourly services sync 0.08 MB
Hourly services sync 0.29 MB
Hourly services sync 0.63 MB
Gmail: send 2 images, receive 2 mails 2.92 MB
Browsing: 10 mins general browsing via HSPA 2.07 MB
Google maps: Corwall lookup + zoom in 1.87 MB
Youtube: Search + 1 video played 8.29 MB
Facebook: Browsing 0.29 MB
Shazam: tag 1 track 0.10 MB
Music download: 1 search + 1 download 14.25 MB
Music download: Several searches + 1 download 1.52 MB
Engadget: read news 0.53 MB

What is moderate monthly usage?

A further example using examples of data consumption table as a basis for moderate monthly usage would be as follows:

Application Data used
E-mail 327.6 MB
Facebook 8.7 MB
Browsing 62.1 MB
YouTube 248.7 MB
Total 647.1 MB

The above is made up of the following:

  • 24 hourly polls + 1 larger daily send & receive
  • 1 x daily social networking interactions/views
  • 1 x daily 10 min browsing period
  • 1 x daily videos

What is heavy usage?

An example of a heavy usage, again using the above examples of data consumption table would be:

Application Data used
E-mail + sync services 502.8 MB
Google maps 56.1 MB
Browsing 248.4 MB
YouTube 497.4 MB
Social Networking 43.5 MB
Music identification & downloading 334.8 MB
Other news feeds 47.7 MB
Total 1730.7 MB

The above is made up of the following:

  • 24 hourly polls + 3 larger daily send & receives 
  • 4 x daily 10 min browsing period 
  • 1 x daily lookup
  • 2 x daily videos
  • 5 x daily social networking interactions/views
  • 1 x daily download
  • 3 x daily news views

As the above shows, it is easy to consume massive amounts of mobile data easily. We recommend to use wi-fi where appropriate, not only because of billing, but in most cases you will get a better user experience due to faster speeds.


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