How do I configure CallPilot Unified Messaging

CallPilot Unified Messaging is a multimedia messaging application. Unified Messaging works with e-mail clients to provide a single graphical interface for e-mail messages, CallPilot voice and fax messages.

Required information before installing Unified Messaging:

  • IP address of BCM system
  • Key codes for Unified Messaging (1 seat equals 1 Computer using this application).
  • A subscriber mailbox which has been initialised.
  • Logged on the Computer with FULL Administration rights before downloading the Application.
  • Computer must have Microsoft Outlook configured This application must be closed or not running when downloading the this software.
  • Ensure microphones (to record messages), speakers and sound cards are connected and working on the Computer.

Installing Unified Voice Messaging:

  1. Make sure your computer is logged on to the Network with FULL Administration Rights.
  2. Access the web page and click on User Applications.
  3. Click on CallPilot Unified Messaging.
  4. Select the English download of Unified Messaging.
  5. Select Run or Open the program.
  6. Select English language from the Menu (note: English UK is not available).
  7. Follow the prompts on the download wizard.
  8. E-Mail Clients – Select the boxes for the e-mail client that you are using on the computer, for example Microsoft Outlook. Click Next.
  9. CallPilot Server Settings – Enter the IP address of the BCM system in the Server name or TCP/IP address box. Do not enter any information in the Server SMTP/VPIM Prefix box (this feature is disabled on the BCM systems), leave this blank. Click Next.
  10. Enter the Mailbox number. Click Next.
  11. LDAP Server Settings – Enter the BCM IP Address again in the LDAP Server name or TCP/IP address box. Leave the default entry in the address book search base box. Click Next.
  12. Ready to Install – The additional options for install fax printer driver and update the default mail profile will be ticked. Leave these entries ticked and click next (this allows the mailbox to send and receive fax messages if the Key codes for Fax Messaging have been purchased and installed)
  13. At the end of the download click finish and on set up complete. Click Finish.

No Computer or BCM reboot required.

Accessing the CallPilot Unified Messaging:

  1. Open up your e-mail client (Microsoft Outlook).
  2. The CallPilot log in box will appear with the Mailbox number filled in. Enter the mailbox password and tick the box to remember the mailbox password if required. Click OK.
  3. Download the CallPilot address book. Click OK.
  4. The CallPilot Message Store will appear in your e-mail client, together with an in-box, out-box and sent items folder.

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