How to add lines or change line ringing on an extension?

All settings associated with adding lines or changing the ringing on extensions are in a section of programming called Line Access which can be accessed using the Element Manager application.

  1. Open Element Manager.
  2. In the Task Navigation Panel, click the Configuration tab, extend Telephony and extend Sets.
  3. Click on Active sets.
  4. Click on the Line Access tab.

You will now be presented with a list of active extensions, clicking on any extension in the top window will show that extensions settings in the bottom window.

Clicking the Line Assignment tab will list all lines assigned to that extension and its settings: appear & ring, ring only, etc. Double clicking in any of the fields will allow you to change that setting. Clicking the Add or Delete buttons will allow you to add or remove a line.

Clicking on the Line Pool access tab will show which line pools the extension has access to. Clicking the Add or Delete button allows you to add or remove access to a line pool, (when you dial digit 9 etc to get an outgoing line).

Clicking on the Answer DN's will show if this extension has any other extensions programmed to ring when this one does. Clicking the Add or Delete buttons allows you to add or remove an answer DN extension.


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