Business Series Terminals Label Maker Terms & Conditions

Before you download the Avaya Business Series Terminals Label Maker below, please read and accept the following :

As a convenience, British Telecommunications plc ("BT") has arranged for the Business Series Terminals Label Maker Software and information relating to the Software from Avaya to be made available for you to download from this website.

Before you download the Software, you must read and accept the Avaya License Agreement.

BT is not responsible for, and make no representations concerning, the Software and its content. The Software is provided by, and is the sole responsibility of Avaya Inc.

The availability of the Software from the BT website in no way indicates either expressly, or impliedly, that BT endorses the use of the Software.

Users of the BT website are solely responsible for evaluating the Software. You will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your equipment and software are protected against damage from downloading and using this Software. Your use of the Software is at your own risk.

BT excludes all liability of any kind, whether due to negligence or otherwise, in respect of the Software. BT does not exclude liability for personal injury or death caused as a result of its own negligence.

By clicking this link to download the Label Maker, you agree to the above Terms & Conditions >


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