Where can I download Business Element Manager?

What is Business Element Manager

The Business Element Manager is a client-based management application. Use the Element Manager to connect over an IP network to your BCM.

Business Element Manager is only compatible with BCM 4.0, BCM 450, BCM 50 and subsequent software releases.

Your computer will need to meet the following system requirements before you install Element Manager:

  • Operating system: Windows Vista Business, Ultimate, Enterprise, Windows XP Professional SP2, Windows 2000 Professional SP4, Citrix Metaframe XP, Windows 98 SE.
    Please note that various Windows Vista operating systems are only compatible with certain BCM software releases.
  • RAM: minimum 256 MB, recommended 512 MB
  • Free space: 390 MB

If you already have Element Manager installed on your computer, please remove it before installing this new software. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Close Element Manager, if running.
  2. Go to the Control Panel and remove the version of Element Manager installed.
  3. Reboot your computer before downloading the new version below.

View the terms & conditions and download Business Element Manager >

To install Business Element Manager please follow the instructions below:

  1. Download Business Element Manager using the link above.
    Warning: This is a large file and may take a while to download.
  2. Save the Business Element Manager application to your computers desktop or temporary files folder.
  3. Find and double click the application to start the installation. Follow the prompts on the install wizard.
  4. Agree to the Avaya License and click next.
  5. Once installed launch Business Element Manager

    Important: You will need to know the IP address of the BCM system before you complete the following steps. If you are unsure of the BCM IP address either consult your IT Department or Company, view our frequently asked questions or contact the BCM AdviceLine for further assistance.You'll find their contact details by clicking the 'Contact us' link on this page.
  6. If you know the BCM IP address, within Business Element Manager select Network from the menu bar or right-click on the folder heading.
  7. Select New Network Element > Business Communications Manager.
  8. In the Business Communications Manager Entry dialog box, enter the IP address for the new Network Element. The default User ID nnadmin and password PlsChgMe! If you have changed the default user name and passwords for the BCM system, you will need to enter the new details in the user name and password field.
  9. Click OK. An icon representing the newly defined element with its associated IP address appears on the Network Elements tree.
  10. Open the Network Elements folder and select the IP Address of the BCM.
  11. Click the Connect button. A warning screen will appear, read the warning and click OK. You will be presented with the Element Manager interface.

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