How do I find the BCM 4.0, 50 and 450 IP address?

To find the BCM 4.0, 50 and 450 IP address, use a T7316, T7316e, M7310, M7310N, M7324, M7324N, i2004, i2007, i1140, i1230 or i1220 Telephone only and follow the instructions below:

  1. Locate a programming telephone (programming telephones have 3 soft keys under the LCD display).
  2. Press the FEATURE key followed by 9 * 8. The screen will display USER ID.
  3. Enter 7 3 8 6 6 2 and press the OK soft key located under the LCD screen. The screen will display PASSWORD .
  4. Enter 2 6 6 3 4 4 and press OK. The screen will display FEATURE CODES .
  5. Press NEXT until the screen shows IP ADDRESS .
  6. Press OK. The screen will display IP ADDRESS with the options for CHANGE and BACK.
  7. Press CHANGE. The screen will display DHCP: ENABLED / DISABLED with the options for IP, ENL and BACK. Press IP and this will show the IP address of the BCM.
  8. Press the RELEASE/HANG UP key to exit programming.

Please Note - changing the IP address of the BCM system could have a detrimental effect on BCM applications such as; Call Detail Recording, LAN CTE, Reporting for Contact Centre and IP Telephony.

Please contact the BCM AdviceLine for advice on how to change the IP address. You'll find their details by clicking the contact us link on this page.


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