What charges will I see on my bill?

The following charges may appear on your bill:

  • One-off charge - This charge is for products or services you've ordered during the billing period, that have a once-only cost, like a connection charge.
  • Service charge - This charge is for products or services you may have with us and will include line rental. You could also see:

    Charges in advance - We charge in advance for our products and services. This is the rental cost for your products and services for the next billing period.

    New charges - This would show the cost of any new products or services you ordered from the start date until the date of this bill.
    If your new product or service came with a promotional deal, you may see a credit on your bill.

If want to stop any of your services with us, depending on the terms of your contract, charges you've paid in advance will be shown as a credit on your bill.


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