How do I delete an entry from MAT / OTM?

The method shown below can be used to delete a station on MAT / OTM when the information does not need to be synchronised to your Meridian.

Deleting a record can only be done when the status is NEW.

  1. Select the item by left clicking (combine with the shift key to select multiple items).
  2. Select Edit, Global Update. Select Data Field, a window opens.
  3. Scroll down and select SSTAT Sync Status.
  4. Click OK. Global Change Specification.
  5. Change Old value status to whatever the current status is.
  6. Change New value status to NEW.
  7. Click ADD (more than one status can be added). Click OK.
  8. A Global Change window will appear. When 100% is shown, click OK.
    The selected records have now changed their status to NEW.
  9. Select Edit, Delete. The records are now deleted from the Station Admin.

Only trained system administrators can make these changes:
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